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Pet Radiography in Harriman, TN

Digital Radiography is a state-of-the-art version of x-ray imaging which no longer relies on photographic film. It instead uses a digital image capture device, which is similar to how digital cameras have replaced the use of film cameras.

Pet Radiography

An x-ray or radiograph is a type of image that looks inside the body and might show details that would not be visible from the outside. Nearly every organ in the body, including the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs, as well as the bones, can be examined with radiography.
Pet Radiography

Moving towards the digital version offers a lot of advantages…

  • First, we will be able to immediately see the images that are taken.  This saves time and allows us to proceed with needed procedures or evaluations.
  • Another advantage is the ability to store the data in our computer database. This will save space and unnecessary clutter, but will also enable us to easily access your pet’srecords through an organized computer filing system.  It will also be easier to compile and group together charts of specific patients, which will result in better cross-referencing and chart comparisons.
  • Using digital radiography, we will also be able to enhance the images taken. We can make certain adjustments such as making it lighter, darker or bigger. At Roane Veterinary Hospital we will also be able to make color enhancements to the image, as well as superimpose textures. This editing option will make it much easier to present to the you, and will reduce inaccuracies or doubtful analysis.
  • Having a digital copy of the images also makes it easier for practitioners to communicate with each other, and enables us to send emails with attachments within minutes.

This dramatically reduces the time that it will need for one doctor to consult with another, and can be done while talking on the phone.

All of these advantages mean we will be able to provide superior veterinary care for your pet in the form of accuracy, speed, and ability to consult with other doctors and offer referrals.