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Pet Preventatives in Harriman, TN

Pet preventatives are an important part of keeping your pet healthy. At Roane Veterinary Hospital, we offer a variety of pet preventatives to help keep your pet safe from harmful diseases and parasites.

Pet Preventatives

Pet vaccinations are one of the most important types of pet preventatives. They help to protect your pet from deadly diseases, such as rabies and distemper. We also offer pet microchipping, which is a permanent form of identification for your pet. If your pet ever becomes lost, microchipping can help to reunite you and your furry friend.

In addition, we offer a variety of parasite preventives, such as tick and flea medications, to help keep your pet free from these pesky critters. Pet preventatives are an essential part of being a responsible pet owner, and Roane Veterinary Hospital is here to help you choose the best options for your furry friend.