We are proud to offer VPI Pet Insurance to help you cover unexpected veterinary expenses and provide the best care possible for your pet.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance provides a financial safety net for unexpected veterinary expenses. With pet insurance, you can focus on giving your pet the best care possible, instead of focusing on the cost of treatment.

What is Your Back-up Plan?

Accidents and illnesses happen to pets just as readily as they do to people. And thanks to innovations in veterinary medicine, there are more options than ever to keep your pet healthy.But if your pet got sick or hurt today, would you have enough saved to cover the expense?VPI Pet Insurance gives you access to a wide array of sophisticated treatments without straining your budget.

Why Choose VPI?

VPI believes that pet healthcare should be affordable and accessible. That’s why they have a variety of plans to choose from with coverage for preventive care, accidents, illnesses and diseases, including cancer. They were the first to introduce pet insurance in the U.S. and continue to be the unparalleled leader in the industry.

  • Plans designed by veterinarians to provide the best reimbursement for you premium dollar.
  • VPI Superior Plan covers chronic and recurring conditions that are not pre-existing at enrollment – and no extra charge.
  • Use any licensed veterinarian in the world.

How VPI Works

  1. Pay for you pet’s treatment at the time of service
  2. Fax or mail our easy-to-use claim form along with your receipts
  3. After a $50 per-incident deductible, VPI will reimburse you for 90% of the plan’s benefit schedule

For more information on VPI pet insurance or a free quote go to www.PetInsurance.com or call 1-866-VET-PETS. (1-866-838-7387)