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3000 Roane State Hwy Harriman, TN 37748

Please call us for an appointment.  We can better serve you and ensure a convient time for your visit through telephone contact.

New Clients/ New Patients:

  • Medical history for your pet : vaccines, bloodwork, ect.
  • Bring a fresh fecal sample. (How to collect a fecal sample)
  • Current diet and any medications or supplements your pet is on.


  • Bring a fresh stool sample. (How to collect a fecal sample)
  • You can also keep a stool sample in the refrigerator over night if needed
  • Any home treatments you have tried.

Urinary Problems:

  • Bring a fresh urine sample with any type of urination problem.
    (How to collect a urine sample)
  • If you can't get one do not allow your pet to urinate prior to the exam and a technician will get one at the office.

Annual Exam:

  • Type of food your  pet is eating.
  • Current medications or supplements.
  • Vaccine history they might have recieved elsewhere.
  • Any problems your pet might be having.

Skin Itching and/or Infection:

  • Please do not bath the pet before you come in.
  • Please do not clean the ears.

Sick Visit:

  • Any symptoms your pet is having and when they started. imagesCAQ30NJL.jpg
  • How much your pet has been eating or drinking.
  • If your pet has had any vomiting or diarrhea.
  • If your pet has or could have gotten into anything in the last week or so.
  • If you know or suspect your pet has gotten into something like rat poison please bring the box or container it came in.
  • Any medications your pet is taking.


  • Please do not feed your pet after 10 pm the night before. 
  • Bring contact information in case the Doctor has questions or in case of emergency.

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